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But she ain't messin' wit' no broke, broke - uh

I was just on my feet for 18 straight hours. Along about hour 15, I inadvertently set a pair of wooden tweezer grips on fire. This would not have been a big deal if I had actually realized that I had set something on fire. Instead I was all like, huh, geez I smell smoke, wonder where it be comin' from, huh, yeah, until the instructor leapt into action and dealt with the issue.

I've filed off portions of the tips of most of my fingers (too bad I don't still play a steel stringed hi-action, that would take off whatever is left) and my hands are cramping. It just took me several minutes to unseal the new bag of Purina. Good thing I am not taking two sessions again because someone in my shape who is seeing doubles of every jump ring probably shouldn't be futzing around with red hot glowy metal. I'm surprised I didn't melt anything besides the casting sterling.

Oh also I am like, deaf again as usual from people screaming and hollering at each other from all of two feet away in a closed area.

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