no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

More food.

tonight i roasted the other game hen (they are only sold in pairs, like nuns) with some oyster cracker stuffing and basted it with some leftover marionberry jam from back in the marion barry era (when people down here bought it from williams-carcinoma as a sort of inside joke). it came out quite well---the jam makes the skin even crispier than just plain butter. i may do it again sometime, except if i do i'll also ramp up the spices because i used some parsley patch mix and it wasn't quite strong enough for such a mild meat.

i also made a pumpkin pie with maple syrup substituted for part of the sugar. which again was fine except that i decided to make crust instead of using that fold-out store crust, and then realized that the rolling pin is buried in the white cupboard in the corner of the kitchen blocked by Stuff. i was going to roll it out with a glass jar (i am as ingenious as that woman in "life on the outside" who bakes cakes over pans of boiling water and cooks t-giving dinner for 50 people in a tiny one-dish oven) except that i then saw a recipe online for no-roll crust with peanut oil, and since i happened to have a big half-full jug of pnut oil staring me in the face, i went with that.

ok it's time to go get the pie outta the oven so gotta hop.
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