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didn't used to like the blues

yesterday morning i woke up very early. gray clouds in my window and a gale-force wind whistling around the house corners and blowing trash cans over clear to kamms corners. empty plastic milk gallon jugs were bouncing through the streets like bionic wild life competing with this year's incredibly fat red skwrll crop. must have been a good year for those little beezers to chow down, cuz they're the size of chubby holland lop bunnies.

i could be a trash can or a milk bottle. the only thing that keeps me from blowing away is the heavy weight of 40+ years of accumulated memory. (mom reminded me that yesterday was kennedy assassination anniversary again. she gets to remember that like i get to remember 9/11.)
sure "The Weight" keeps me from sailing into the traffic, but it can be a bitch of a burden to carry around. so, of course, as usual, i didn't want to get up.

but i got up and took a Car and a Plane and a Shuttle Bus and a Train and a Subway to go see Bauhaus, which was not sold out and no wonder given the astronomical ticket price. by the time i was done paying for the ticket, local transportation and the banana cream tart and water i ingested before i ran into patty and kurt (who kindly also shared their humongous hunk of expensive choco raspberry kake), i could have seen at least 2/3 of paul mccartney. but i felt some need to check the bauhaus box, given that i never saw them Back Home Back When. I think they were one of those bands who tended to skip Cle on their tours, or if they did come through it was slightly Before My Time like with magazine.

"telegram sam" aside, let's just say bauhaus's show didn't exactly knock love and rockets on their "here come the bubblemen" tour off my Brilliant Performances list. it would have been a fine show for 2 am in some lil' club when i was 19 and the smoke machines were crankin' and everybody (except me) was drunk or high and my "old friends" (correction: my official boyfriend, his band friends, my radio station pals, and whatever other Band Idiots of the Moment were in my personal attraction picture hanging around on the fringes---but these people all still made me incredibly happy at that time) were all in rapt attendance. it was a rather blah show for 9 pm (no opener, even) in a posh venue when i am 40+ with most of the audience, save the occasional exquisitely dressed gothgirl or boi, looking like they fell out of catalogs by the gap, kenneth cole, or even brooks brothers god forbid. i did not exactly do myself proud in the dressup department either given that i had to come straight from the airport in my travelling clothes, and i also left the pink underground boots i bought from daliah at mummy's in anticipation of Lollapalanza, as said boots weigh two tons to carry and their many buckles delay the airport security line. i need to get it together more, show-outfit-wise. i'm gettin' tired of flyin' the flannel.

also before the band started playing i went to the ladies' and got treated to the following exchange from adjoining stalls:
Stall on my right (hollering over my head to stall on my left): "Uh, did Alisha happen to say anything about what this band actually SOUNDS like?"
Stall on my left: "Uh, no, she didn't. I've been asking around and all anybody says is, 'They're great! They're really weird!' I have no idea what they sound like, really."
Stall on my right: "Well, I've never heard them."


anyway i spent most of the show dozing (and i didn't even drink anything but water) in my comfy chair (which, given the price, should have come with a la-z-boy feature and free popcorn) and planning a jewelry piece based on the strathmore ceiling and wishing dead guy was there so we could kill two hours making out and making snarky remarks about the posiness of the band. at least the banana creme tart was very good.

today's agenda:
makeup class


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