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Gallows of hell.

glenn schwartz is a musical genius. obviously he's a bit batshit insane in other ways. however, i would like to brain each and every drunk jerk who laughs at his fire-and-brimstone preaching (in a voice that, like his guitar playing, belongs to a much younger and together incarnation of himself that's somehow trapped in a crumbling old man's body) and who waits with baited breath and sniggering asides for him to talk more of what they consider funny stuff about the vileness of tempty women, etc. they remind me of the people who went to gbv shows just to see how drunk bob would get, hoping he'd say something wacky, or pick a fight with some other band member, or maybe fall down and pass out. they want to see a circus, a spectacle, a train wreck, not a performance. they're vultures.

glenn schwartz has a freakin' Ministry going on up there. and people need to respect that.
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