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This piece (pendant or small tabletop sculpture) is finally about 95-99% done. It was meant to be a hinge-and-clasp lesson and as usual I tried to do something more complicated than I probably should have at my level, and made a whole bunch of mistakes 2 and 3 times learning how to best construct it. Some time when I have time I'd like to make it over and do everything the right way, or maybe make several in different shapes until I get the hang of them.
At least I purposely designed it to look Dr. Seuss/primitive as I was pretty sure I would not be able to get everything fitting together perfectly square just yet. Also, I managed not to melt or otherwise wreck the thing while I was constructing it.
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Door piece closed

Door piece open showing second door inside

Another view of door piece open---this picture is not great but does show the epoxy color under the inner door.
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