no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

A Grand Day's Work.

Yesterday was decent, one of the most productive bdays I've had in years. Maybe ever.

Hey, remember these? Here they are finished. (The extra piece on the left is a little head of Khruschev that I sand cast to incorporate into something else.)


I also worked on a couple other pieces that aren't ready for their closeups yet. Maybe I'll have pictures of those down the road apiece. Making stuff is hard work, and I pretty much come home and pass out, but I Like It A Lot.

My bdays are definitely on the upswing since I met waxpumpkin. I can wish him a happy day and he can wish me one and I feel good knowing it's definitely a special day for him, one that he will remember because it's his day too! :-) As those of you who know me know, nothing annoys me worse than getting bday greetings from 1,000 strange people on a mailing list or at work or some otherwhere who couldn't be arsed to talk to me or check up on what's going on in my life the other 364 days of the year. I know they think it's a nice polite thing to do but I just want to smash cake in their face and go "Oh yeah, well where were you last July 17 cuz that's nobody's special Hallmark day but I could have used a nice thought about 7:34 pm on that day too!"

I still feel warm all over recalling how Nik sent me that Kat Kong book last year, which was swell even if he did swipe it from Andy. :P Actually I think I was just jealous of Josh enthusing over his "Birthday Twin" so I had to go get one too. (lemming lemming lemming)

Tabbitha celebrated by somehow wedging herself in a standing (on hind legs) position behind the TV cabinet after we had all left for the day. I don't understand this as that cabinet has been in this house with her for at least 10 years and she never got stuck before, nor does she tend to climb up places where she might have slipped behind it. Perhaps a poltergeist put her there as payback for abusing her subject kitties too much. Ted heard her screaming when he got home and rescued her, although she's still pretty wobbly, probably from standing on her hind legs for god knows how long without eating.

Also Ted made up a rhyme to the "Jeopardy" theme last night while we were waiting for Wendy's:
Now it's time to stab a cow
To make burgers and---the other chow,
Hold still Bessie, hold still Fred,
Whap! I got them in the head!

I *heart* Ted. :-)
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