no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Mr. Lucky.

I know I post a lot and bitch a lot
But today I spent some time thinking, right before dozing off for a much-needed nap, about some people I am truly blessed to have in my life. The ones whose presence, even at a distance, makes stuff like illness, job trouble, money issues and General Feelings of Failure (maybe that should be abbreviated "GFF" and commonly used, like PMS) bearable.
These people are *very* few in number, but they have a big effect on me. A hug or a joke or a conversation or an insight often makes my whole day, no matter what troubles are looming.
Just knowing they're around helps calm me down.
I'd even add a few of my most cherished pets to this list. Really, I don't think anyone will dispute that close animals can lift your spirits big time.

Finding these special ones is like walking down a beach chockfull of interesting, beautiful and unusual rocks and shells, and finding an absolutely *perfect* piece of beach glass and putting it in your pocket and taking it home to put on your windowsill and look at once in a while. I am not saying that everybody has to sit on my windowsill for me to look at, or wait patiently till I get around to it. What I am saying is that even when you're not at home and not looking at your windowsill, you can think of that wonderful glass being there, and have the memory of finding it, and know you'll get a chance to see it again when there's a moment.

And so you are to me.
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