no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Dag, I'm tired.

I ended up spending half of today in the jewelry lab, where I got my mental wires crossed and stupidly grabbed some hot brass with my free hand instead of with the tongs I was holding in my other hand (pause for readers to laugh), and the other half the day cleaning up and unwrapping some folk art that I got for pretty dern cheap on eB-ol-ay.

Man, HellJae seems like a vast wasteland today as far as any of you posting amusing stuff or being around to reply to comments. I could probably roust a bunch of you out on AIM but I'm tired of having conversations with people that start out with me telling them I'm tired and falling asleep over the keypad and then being able to keep up my end of the conversation for like 5 minutes before I start to doze off and have to say Bye. Talking to people outside of Lj comments and an e-mail or text once in a while has seemed like way too much effort lately. I need a course of Conversational Aerobics or something.
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