no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Elvis has just left the building...with your sanity.

I see that Wonkette and A3G are posting stuff about how Harriet Miers and Priscilla Owen had a fight over the attentions of some male judge. Batshit crap like that makes me glad I only ever crushed on enggs and guitar players and the odd drummer or so. Of course, I doubt I will get nominated to anything anytime soon either. Certainly not until the public gets more down wit' the quite normal (to me and probably to you as well) concept of my biomale friends bashing around in miniskirts and/or "dating" each other.

I do find it sort of interesting how Miers's ex-bf said she didn't have time for a relationship. Whatsisname and I have not had time for a relationship in years and we still manage to stay together. I'm sure there are a lot of other worker bees in the same boat, e.g. I am pretty sure Ginsburg's husband, the foremost American tax law expert, doesn't exactly have an empty calendar, so go figure. Maybe it's more like some busy wimmen just don't want or need to bother with having some dude underfoot, especially if he has a bunch of half-assed expectations about dinner and babies and Having Time For a Relationship. Lord knows if I hadn't run into the dude I did, that would prolly be me.

Alternatively, maybe some chicks just suck at relationships, except for being Friends With Presidents or some such crud.
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