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I'm now, FINALLY, reading Peter Bagge's Buddy Does Seattle. I remember when Bagge had Buddy comics out quite regularly---when was that? The late 80's? the 90's? all I know is they were always in the Fantagraphics catalog I'd get in the mail. I wanted to read them then, especially when the story got all involved with Seattle and bands, but that was about number #43 on the list of Things I Wanted To Do That I Din't Get Around To Doing. One thing I've noticed is that if whatever project you're doing has frequent installments and you don't just offer a cheap annual subscription, I'm not gonna be able to keep up with you/it. It doesn't matter if you're Pee Bagge or the Hernandezes or Bobby Pollard. I have too much going on in my life to remember to run down to the store, or pick up the mail-order fone, and get whatever this month's release is. I actually made a valiant effort with Love and Rockets and ended up with most of their paperback editions, but didn't get them all and consequently never knew the whole story until the recent hardback releases. And I never did collect all the issues of Sandman---again I made an effort to pick up the ones I was missing on eBay about five years ago, but that was one of the only times I have had an eBay item lost in the mail, and since then I have learned that books not shipped in boxes just don't make it to my porch, the mail having lost books sent to me by longstemrant and comraderadmila as well.

This is probably why artists like mdid are so dear to my heart, because they put out like one record every few years and I have LOTS of time to get it and enjoy it and think about it before being rushed on to The Next Thing. And I do sort of envy my friends who are able to remember that such-and-such release is coming out on day X and mark on their calendar to march down to the local rekkid or comic book store and pick up a copy. For some of them, that is THE big thing going on in their existence that week, or even that Month. It seems like they all lead such simple, free, uncomplicated lives, while I insist on mucking mine up with 1,074 commitments. I find myself wishing I too could live in a trailer in Nowheresville Oh-hi, or in my 'rents basement, or similar. Then again, I haven't felt bored in literally years. And I figure there will be time to live da simple life again (i.e. the one I remember from my time in Cle, which in retrospect had its plusses but struck terror into my heart when it was going on because I felt so fucking STUCK,) when I am too old, too broke, or too stuck by other commitments to frantically dart around.

Anyway, it's probably good that I didn't read Bagge until now. Now I can just laugh at it without self-flagellating because I'm not in a band and I haven't moved to Seattle and I'm not interested in crazy sexxay druggie parties. I mean, you're thinking, "You're not SUPPOSED to be interested, you're old and married!" But I wasn't interested in that when I was young either. And there just didn't seem to be any middle ground for people who, on the one hand, didn't want to drop X and bang three nameless dudes over a party-party weekend, and on the other hand didn't want to spend their spare time building a deck and barbequing on it and having the neighbors over to talk about THEIR back deck construction while the little children played in the yard. And you know what? I'm still not interested in ANY of those things. I'm nothing if not consistent :-) This Bagge shite is funny as hell though. Slackers ain't changed a bit in 20 years.
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