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I kilt a man in Reno, just to watch him dye.

I hope posting about this doesn't jinx it as far as my actually doing it, but this place is a good one to keep my yellow sticky notes cuz anything written on paper is just going to get lost with the ruckus going on around my house now. I'm thinking about making some cheap crafty little kilt pins out of beads and guitar picks and suchlike. Below is my favorite one so far from a seller on eBay, which had all kinds of rockabilly peeps bidding on it and went for way more than I thought it was worth (i mean, a full set of Lucky 13 picks costs something like three bucks)!

Another one, which I didn't save a picture of, had a Metallica pick and a little charm of a guitar, that was pretty cool too. A lot of DIY crafters are selling these, needless to say I don't want to make them to sell, but they might be a fun and relatively easy way to use up some of the junk in the house and maybe give as gifts because you can give them regardless of gender and you can stick them on anything---kilts, bags, a t-shirt, you name it. Also it might be fun to do something cheesy like I used to do before I got all into the painstaking having to go to the lab and work with silver stuff. Snobs aside (as in all those people who make speeches about craft vs. aht and "jewelry elite" and all that fockery) I have to admit i love cheesy jewelry if it's creatively done. After all, who wants to wear a $500 piece of jewelry out to some dive bar show where you could easily lose it or get robbed? A $5 piece is more like it, if you broke it or lost it you could probably just whip up another one.

Trust me, nothing about what I do for class is easy. I wonder if when I've taken enough of these damn classes people will refer to me as a JOOLER? Ick. I can still remember how I wanted to smack the last person who made a big fuss over someone being a JOOLER not a CRAFTER. Really, I don't care if you make it out of pop beads or Deely Bobbers or how many damn certifications you have, as long as it interests me.
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