no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Making Plans.

As most of you who read this know by now, there are a few ways to really, really upset me or piss me off, and two of them are (a) to break plans at the last minute or (b) if you are my good friend and I'm in your area, to leave me out of your social activity without a good reason.

This is one area where I find it really interesting how people differ. I have some friends who are so much like me as far as worrying that they will be left out or have someone not show up, and I've also had a couple of friends who didn't seem to understand when I was upset about them leaving me out of something (and in at least a couple of cases, the person who didn't understand why I was so upset was also a person who got super moody when someone else pulled a similar trick on THEM). I've read a lot of other people's posts on here and other forums about this situation and people's reactions are all over the map. I was just curious about what other people on my fiendsliszt thought about all this. Hence, Another Glorious Poll!

Which of the following best expresses how you feel when somebody makes plans with you and then breaks them at the last minute without a very good excuse?

I hate when people do this. I usually feel angry or sad and decide that the person is unreliable.
I feel mildly annoyed, but I'll usually make plans with them again, and only get mad if they do it like 10 times in a row.
I'm only upset if it's someone I really wanted or needed to see, or hardly ever get to see. If it's just somebody who's around every weekend, no big deal.
I only get upset if the get-together was really important or special or cost me a lot of time or money.
I usually don't get upset, I can always find something else to do or someplace fun to go.

Which of the following best expresses how you feel when your friends make plans together and leave you out?

Really left out, angry and sad and like I should find some new friends who will at least ask if I want to join them.
Mildly annoyed, but I have fun without them and it's their loss.
I'm only upset if they deliberately excluded me. If it was just an oversight on their part, or they're just spacecakes, it's no big deal.
I only get upset if it's people I really wanted to see or an activity that I really wanted to be a part of, and they knew it.
I usually don't get upset, friendship is based on more important things; stuff like this happens and I probably do the same thing to them sometimes.
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