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It ain't ain't you either.

The Justice Douglas reenactment turned out to be pretty good even if it ended up not saying anything about the marrying-a-stripper business. Although it did discuss how Gerald Ford tried to have the dude impeached for being a proponent of smut. Actually Nixon was behind it and it was really for opposing the war in Vietnam and it all came right back on Nixon due to Ford making his famous statements about how grounds for impeachment are undefined and are basically whatever Congress says they are. Karma, kids, karma. It's true Douglas stayed on the bench too long and also was way into the concept of the "right to privacy" that I consider at best constitutionally suspect, if not completely fictional, but I always thought he was cool because he saved the C&O Canal and accompanying trail from having a highway built on top of it. The C&O thus remains a very pleasant FLAT (yay) hike with many lovely views, super-cool turtles, and other wild life (aside from the bums who hang around the Georgetown leg which are wild life all right but not the kind I want to look at) and building a highway on top of it would have been extremely stupid as the surrounding area floods on a regular basis. He is also the justice who said my ex-boss was one of the best oral advocates ever. I need to read more about the man.

The only weird part of the show was it closed with a recording of CCR doing "Fortunate Son". I know Douglas was a rugged individualist and all that, but I think when you sit on the high court bench you're too dern powerful to be identified with "Fortunate Son", regardless of Ted arguing that they put their pants one leg at a time just like everybody else.

It depresses me how much Iraq looks like a second Vietnam. All it needs is a draft, and we don't seem to have enough Douglas-types on the court or anywhere else to raise the proper hell about it.

I have to go TCB for a bit now. Text or e-mail me if ya need anything.
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