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In which I am a musical eejit.

You know you're Real Out Of Musical Touch when you're thinking of going to see Shawn Mullins, who you have this idea might be touring based on some foggy radio ad you heard while in the shower, and you're picturing Shawn Mullins circa 1998 with all that long blonde California Kurdt hair when your classmate (who was classmates with Shawn at a previous school) called him to your distracted attention, and then you go to his website and discover he now has a chopped brush cut and emo glasses, and furthermore that that cool song "Babylon" which you have thought for years was done by Shawn Mullins was actually recorded by David Gray, who you told some dude last year that you had never heard of when in reality you have been hearing his shite on the squawkbox for years but thinking it's Shawn Mullins.
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