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here are some pictures of my carved and built-up wax projects. we were forced to do rings or i would have done something else, as i'm not big on bringing more rings into this world. they're a pain in the arse to people like me who always have their hands in the dishpan, the cat box, the popcorn bag, the cookie batter, or the metal filey dust. i'm also annoyed that we send these out for casting instead of doing it ourselves. but whatever. i kind of like the way the wax makes these look like bubblegum machine rings, which of course will become of no consequence when these actually get cast.

this is my carving wax project. yes it is huge, i like big rings if i'm going to bother. it is sized for my pinky and the edge part of the band is meant to protrude where there is no finger next to the pinky. the top is a little building with two domes(i was thinking onion domes of st. basil's and tremont) with a winding spirally road going up.

we also had to do a build-up wax project which i ended up mostly modelling by hand and then sticking on. it's a mermaid in a sphinx position. here's her front looking like the sphinx:

and here's her back so you can see she has a fish body not a lion body. i tend to like Fish better than Lions in RL too, zodiacally speaking.

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