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I am grouchy for many reasons, one of them being that I missed the Tradition Dies Here show tonight because I felt kind of sick, plus it is like 90+ friggin' degrees out which means it would be 95+ in the sweaty jammed venue, causing me to fall asleep, pass out, barf, etc. i have these nasty little itchy heat hives that i seem to get every summer. Why in hell did anyone ever name a band after Hives? Are there also bands called The Chancres and The Herpes? (Probably are) anyway, IT'S FREAKIN' SEPTEMBER PEOPLE, LET'S GET WIT' DA COOL WEATHER ALREADY. TDH are s'posed to play again in november (a few days before circle takes the square, who i actually would not mind seeing a second time, hauls ass through here again). let's hope it doesn't snow five inches that week to make up for being hot now.

at least i will see coffinberry sunday night, knock on genuine wood veneer. i could have seen them tonight too but the idea of sitting through another Record Label Showcase didn't do it for me, plus if i'd felt up to it I woulda been at TDH. i better plan to show up arse early on Sunday given that the venue has been known to put on bands at the crack of 8 pm.

90% of seeing decent bands seems to be persistence. Either that, or live over the club. (Which might not be a bad idea but I'm saving it to do when I'm old and broke and have given away most of my crap to relatives, eBay or the Salvation Army.)

a friend did call earlier, which cheered me up and kept this day from being a complete blot on the 'scutcheon. also the porch dudes finally constructed a set of rickety temporary steps which look straight out of Dr. Seuss and which i have to slide down on my fanny to keep from falling off, but at least they get me to the only air conditioned part of the house.
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