no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Scenes in Need of an Eddie Murphy Soundtrack, Part XVII

While waiting at VetSmart to collect Diabetic Kitty who picked this week to have one of her "turns", we got to see a young Army soldier, about 19, in spic-n-span camos and boots with her hair in one of those funky shaved Army ponytails, shop for a Halloween costume for her big white pit bull. She did this by picking doggie costumes off the rack, then sitting down on the bottom display shelf and trying each costume on said pit bull. Suppressing our laughter, we watched as she tried an elephant hat, complete with trunk and floppy ears, on the poor dog, and quite seriously considered the effect. She then thought he might look better as a pumpkin, and wrestled an orange-and-green jack-o-lantern doggie hoodie onto him. Not satisfied with that either, she peeled the pumpkin costume off the dog, and stuffed him into a green-and-yellow froggie outfit with bulging frog eyes perched on top of his head and a big gaping frog mouth for dog's face to peek out. The dog, to his credit, was extremely docile and well-trained and even looked cheerful as his mistress shoved his head and front legs into these getups. They left without buying any of the costumes. I hope she at least bought him a doggie treat after all that.
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