no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Takkgerine Dream.

Don't have much to say today. P. from class talked me into getting a ticket to see Sigur Ros at the Strathmore, which is this brand new posh acoustically fabulous sit-down concert hall where the B'more Symphony Orchestra resides for part of the year. I got to meet P. and her spouse, who has long white hair, is an IT sysadmin and likes Dino Jr. so that was all good. We talked about the Queen reunion tour and Slade's abortive "comeback" in the early 80s. He also told me Iceland was one big wonderland full of wild clubs in ice caves and so forth. I wonder why I never read any such debauchery on comraderadmila's journal? Mustn't keep all the ice clubs to yourself, deer! The show sold out but the two people next to me never showed up, which was cool because I could doze off across the empty seats having drunk two glasses of white during intermission. Sigur Ros = Cocteau Twins meets Robert Smith = deffo the kind of music that makes me wish I owned the venue and had my own bed up under the eaves, not so I could pick up anyone from the audience and engage in nasty bizness (bleccchhh!!!!) but so I could take food and booze up there and nod off in a wonderful, relaxing, anxiety-free cocoon of loud soundage. I felt the same way at the Dino Jr. reunion show, I just wanted to fall asleep wrapped in sonic threadz of gtr solo. I woke up in time to see the last two or three numbers and then stumbled out to be driven home and sleep very soundly, dreaming an entire murder drama-farce about transvestites working in a fancy department store in France.

Anyway it was very nice and I wish I could have taken all of you with me.

Today I am gonna make cheeseburgers because the Strathmore cafe was serving some wunnerful ones, but as I had assumed they'd just be passing out the usual pastries and veggie wraps, I didn't have time to order a burger and had already eaten anyway. LIFE IS BUT A BOWL OF CHEESEBURGERS...GOURMET.
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