no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Amendments and my Memory.

I have a confession to make. Apart from the First, Second and Nineteenth Amendments, I can never remember which Amendment is what. First and Second just kinda stick in my mind, and Nineteenth I only remember because there used to be a Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about that one.

Last night utopiavista mentioned the Fourteenth Amendment and, since I haven't been using that for anything lately, and furthermore was dozing off and looking at cool vintage Japanese robot toys online at the time, I couldn't recall whether civil rights was Fourteenth or Eleventh. And then when I thought about it some more I couldn't remember if the Twenty-First Amendment was the one that struck prohibition or instituted the income tax, or something else entirely. I can always vaguely recall that the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh have something to do with crim pro but I always have to look them up to see exactly which one is which. Yes I know I suck, but if you all wanted me to remember this stuff off the top of my head, then somebody should have written a jingle about it.
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