no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

No Mom, I'm Not On Drugs, Part II.

Last night I had this weird dream. I have weird dreams almost every night but unless I write them down I manage to forget them, and sometimes I think that would be best. (I just happened in my paper diary upon an entry documenting a dream from several months back involving me having a romantic encounter with someone who I absolutely h*a*t*e in real life and have never been closer to than arms' length away and that most grudgingly as I wish they'd disappear down an open manhole.)

I don't usually write my dreams here cuz they're PERSONAL DAMMIT, they're mah OWN little problem-solving tools even when they don't involve "anything" I'm not into spouting off to the world. But this one seems benign enough and wack enough to post about. Right before Bed I was commenting to derekfz about our maybe going to go see "We Jam Econo" together seeing as how I Was Working And I Missed It when it played here. So between that, and my wishing that Tradition Dies Here would fiend me back on MySpazz cuz I wanted to ask 'em if they had any more kewl gothy tree-tees, I had this sociopunkster dream. I dreamed my mom and I went to see the Minutemen movie at some really ritzy restored vintage theater, but for some reason we were way early so we were the first two people there. Also for some reason everyone attending got a free box of about a dozen big gourmet cookies, and fancy coffee was being served in the lobby. So we each got our cookies and after I made sure mine had a chocolate one (I didn't see it at first because it was under the other cookies) that was just fine. Instead of regular movie seats we sat in overstuffed chairs that were arranged just like a big lounge or living room. So while I was eating cookies I read this 'zine that was lying around, possibly waxpumpkin or derekfz had something to do with it because it was laid out like an ish of Ella Guru but the contents inside were more Pitchforkian if you know what I mean.

I was reading this long article about a kind of cryptic Jandek-Jeff Mangum-type politico-art-punk band that put out these meaningful but cryptic songs. The article writer wanted an angle so he tried to decipher one of the songs that contained lyrics about a clock falling off the wall. The writer somehow decided this must be a real clock, and proceeded to contact all kinds of people who knew or had known the band and basically trace through every place they had recently been, trying to find evidence of a particular clock falling down. Eventually he got a message from the reclusive lead band guy suggesting that writing an article was one thing but harassing people was something else again. Somehow they got it worked out and Reclusive Band Guy gave the author a short interview, which ended up in this zine. I guess the band members were supposed to give a little talk on Important Politicosocial Oeuvre Matters before the Minutemen movie, which is why the zine was laying around. I woke up before it happened though. Those were good cookies.
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