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From Daniel Pinchbeck's pretty decent article on poly/alternative relationship constructs, "Skeleton Women and Fisher Kings", in the latest issue of Arthur magazine:

...Some friends of mine have become obsessed with the ElfQuest comic books, partially because the social structure of the elf world presents a more nuanced and complex model of relationships. Among the polyamorous elves, different types of partnerships--"life mates," "love mates," and "recognitions"--are known and accepted.

I can see the appeal of this because it's pretty much how I naturally think, although I don't care to slap labels on relationships or organize them into categories for public understanding. They are what they are, and What is, is between Me and you if you're in it with Me. However, it just figures that when I happen upon a reasonably intelligent expression of said concept, it WOULD have to be coming out of the mouths of blasted ELVES. If I have to turn into some kind of ELF to be mysELF, then I quit. Seriously!

Oh well. It coulda been furries....
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