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mon in Doo-doo

just cleaned the catbox and put the top part back on that's been off for the last six months because no one had time to wash it and reattach it, and arranged my Eiffel Tower doorstop in front to hold the bathroom door open for the little beesters to have an unimpeded porta-pottie-path. hell, they can look out the Boodabox opening and pretend they're in a pissoir.

which reminds me, i was supposed to have gone to France by now. *sigh* i will get there, as usual it's just gonna take three times as long as i thought it would. M's Law of Engineering Projects = Take however long you THINK a project will take and multiply by 3. That's how long it will ACTUALLY take. If more managers understood this law when setting milestones, there would be fewer ulcers in the world.
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