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I pre-ordered Pollard's "Suitcase II - American Superdream WOW" from Luna Music. This is the first Bob record I've bothered to pre-order in a couple of years. I'm hoping it lives up to Suitcase I, which I also pre-ordered (being a fairly new Pollard fan then) and which turned out to be a lot of fun even if a person I bothered to burn it for turned out to be a complete ass to me. I'm sure they've given away the burn I did long ago, so I don't feel too uncomfortable stating the facts here.

(Hey, kinda sorta on topic, everyone's favorite (well ok not Everyone's :P) DP attorney posted this humorous news story about Canton. Didn't surprise me none.)

Also, as much as I love the title "American Superdream WOW", I sort of wish he'd called it "Suitcase II: Electric Boogaloo." Then again, because that would probably remind me of yet another creep (Sensing a pattern here, anyone?), I guess it's OK that he didn't.

However, I cannot understand why Luna Music is still using an order form that you have to fill in manually, as opposed to a click-and-ship with Paypal as the payment option (which they don't seem to permit either). I mean, get with the program guys! There are plenty of low-volume eBay sellers and poor broke DIY crafters who still manage to gin up a sales website with one-click ordering and Paypal. I don't see why Luna can't do the same instead of using a Luddite type-it-yourself form like it's still 1999 for Bob's sake.

I can never figure out if I'm truly a Bob Pollard fan or not. 75% of his stuff is pretty forgettable/ignorable but then he puts out that 25% that I get really interested in, like "Suitcase II". And because he puts out so much stuff, his 25% is like some other people's 100% as far as taking up my time. It's true that I really disliked a lot of things about GBV the band, including all the dissing of ex-band members from the stage, the live shows in general, and certain people associated with the whole mise-en-scene. However, the dissing aside, a lot of the other wasn't Bob's fault. Hmmm well. I guess if I am willing to make T-shirts and cough up for a four-disc set I have to call myself a fan. As long as no one mistakes me for one of those heads who won't shaddap about the time Bob played an afterparty once in someone's basement back in 1999 or whenever it was. They remind me of the people who still talk about the high school championship football game after they've graduated from college. I know I talk about a lot of 20-year-old shite, but I've gotten peed on enough for doing it to turn around and say Peace on you once in a while in return.
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