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Voting with my dollars.

The guy behind the counter in the local convenience store, where I have liked to go off and on for 10 years even though ted complains about having to pay slightly more for the deli meat, was just totally rude/disrespectful to me as a customer. I got so MAD I told him to forget ringing up my order, and almost stormed out of there with a package of snack food that I hadn't paid for in my hand, only remembering at the last minute to reach back through the door and shove it on a shelf. I am never shopping in there again, and "never" to me usually means a length of time ranging from several years to NEVER and includes the rest of my family as well. (ted is absolutely thrilled to not have to go in there anymore because he prefers the grocery chains.)

I just wish there was some reasonable way I could express how ticked off I am at them. ted says voting with your dollars is the best way, and I actually do that a lot. If a store makes me mad i stop buying there, if a musician or artist makes me mad i stop buying their "product" as well. I often wonder if it really makes a difference though, because they all act like they don't give a damn right up to the day where they finally go bust. I also wonder how many of these mom-and-pop stores that go out of business on a regular basis and that we're always supposed to feel so sorry for are hurt just as much by the owners and staff having an attitude as they are by Wal-Mart and so forth. If you go in Wal-Mart and somebody acts like a jerk, you're more apt to shrug it off because you don't expect much from a big impersonal chain like Wal-Mart. But when you go out of your way to patronize neighborhood businesses even though the prices and selection might not be that great, and they have somebody behind the counter who's old enough to have a clue---i.e. a 35-year-old man, not a high school kid---and you get treated badly, then you DON'T go back. And if the store is up the street from you and you have other family members who won't be going in again any more either, then that's got to add up after a while.

There are so many stores where I grew up that had jerky owners or staff and have since closed. I always laugh when I go past the Mission Boutique because there was a hardware store there for many, many years, and the family who ran it were jerks and ticked off my mom to the point where she quit shopping there. So now that hardware store is gone too. I must say the Mission Boutique is a lot more fun to have around than a hardware store anyway.

edited to add, just in case i needed more people trying to get on my nerves, this eBay seller who i have bought from a few times had a couple items up a few months back, that i missed bidding on before the auctions ended, and nobody else had bid on either item, so i e-mailed him to ask if he was going to put them back up as i was in the process of buying some other stuff from him and he lists this type of item regularly. he said he would be putting them up "in the future" and offered to let me know when he relisted them. i said that was fine. well guess what? he relisted them last week and of course he didn't let me know jack poodly doodly. doesn't matter, i happened to be running a search, found them, bid on them and won them (i was the only person bidding on one of them). and that is the last two items i will be buying from THAT guy.
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