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somebody was just telling somebody else who was sad about a third somebody sucking to write up a list of Four reasons why third somebody sucks and post it by the front door.
and i was thinking, geez i shoulda done that 20 years ago and saved mice elf a lotta grief.
then i remembered i DID try to do that. i would carry around a little notebook and write down all the ways in which they sucked, frequently. (the other enggs made fun of me for writing so much in my notebook, but it was one of the only things keeping me off the shrinky couch then, so fuck their insensitive asses.) and when i thought of Suckfishyperson i'd run this little script in mah head that informed me over and over of how they sucked.
it still din't work so good... :(

i guess i just take a LOT of convincing sometimes
because (and even more then than Now, although still sometimes Now) i always want to give people the benefit of the doubt.

however, i'm proud to say that i eventually managed to convince myself of the Suckitude.

last night driving up the street i saw a
(wabbit that is)

all together now, everybody say

for Teenty Bun who was smaller than the average skirrel and who i *almost* pancaked with the car because he is probably too young to know not to run in front of cars, but who *fortunately* escaped under a parked vehicle. i'm sure the neighbors up the street wondered who the nutbag was honking the car horn at 11 p.m. but i was trying to get the little bunny to go back on the sidewalk.
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