no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Ice Without A Fe-ez.

I've been interested lately in bottle cap people, especially aliens like this and these

i kind of wish if people want to update their LJs or not update their LJs they'd just Do it or Not Do it and not make speeches like "well i don't really want to bother with updating this stupid thing anymore but I guess i HAVE to". yeah right like teacher's gonna give you an F if you don't. *shrug* if you don't wanna be on here don't be on here, but don't hang around and act like you hate it. personally i prefer posting about current events and cool toys and not about my life. life ain't bad or anything, i'm just tired of talking about it because it's not that nobody cares but more like the ones who do care can hear about it places other than livejournal.

now dig this cool eyeball store i found (click the pic to go to the store site)

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