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Ain't it fun/ when you know that you're gonna...

also I read on seraphimsigrist's journal that the founder of Taize got killed by some nutbag at a service.
this bugs me, although I'm not sure why (besides it being one of the usual violent parade of daily horribles of course)---can't really put the buggation into words.

the Taize website (which i'd never inspected though i had heard of the place here and there) refers to all these young people coming as pilgrims. which is fine and dandy, but where are all the older pilgrims? surely it isn't reserved for the physically young-in-earthly-time to be seekers. i guess when you are old they don't call it "seeking" but instead call it a "midlife crisis". maybe it would be better to stop labeling things and just accept that not everybody is cut out to go wandering off on a pilgrimage when they're a twentysomething kiddie. lord knows (He really does) that i had a hard enough time just wandering down to the Wawa convenience store without having a nervous breakdown, at that age.
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