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before i went to the post office, i was gonna post this serious thing where I Took Stock of My Life and listed Accomplishments and Stuff I was still working on. in the middle of writing that, it started storming and the lightning knocked the PC offline and dumped the half-typed post, so I decided that was God telling me DON'T PUT THAT ON THE INTERNET!! (it's happened before.)

So instead, here is a post about this rabbit bag that I spied on mandiapple's journal on my friendsfriends list:

Now, ordinarily I would never buy anything at that store. i almost never buy Goth clothes and when I do, they tend more towards the victorian/edwardian Vintagoth, or the post-glam Trent Reznor goth, than the Lolita goth. I am just not the Lolita type and never have been, which is kind of odd given that I do like silly toys and flowery kiddie-style jumper dresses a la Oilily, but *shrug*. However, this bunny bag was so kyoot I just had to check it out even though I am kind of Broke at the moment and about to get Broker. So I went to see about ordering one, but as I was looking and figuring out if I wanted to spend the money, it went out of stock on the website.

I poked around the website a bit and found a little section buried in the FAQ about inquiring after out-of-stock items and to send a contact message through their little message box including four or five pieces of information. So I did that, inquiring after a "Rabbit-Chan Pochette qty 1" and listing all the information desired in paragraphs numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Apparently when this sent, due to their e-mail processing, the text bunny bag "qty 1" merged somehow with the next line of text beginning with "2." at the paragraph number, causing my inquiry to refer to bunny bag "qty 12".

First thing this morning I roll out of bed and find a response back from them that they can't reserve me 12 bunny bags but could MAYBE do 5. AUUUUUGHHH! I can just maybe afford the one! At least they e-mailed first. i think if they had just put the order through for 12 and I had gotten a bill for that i would have fainted away.
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