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this is all dan quayle's fault

whatever problems i think i might be having in life right now, it's nothing compared to those poor bastridges up in outer space who have no idea if their space ship is going to hold together well enough to get them back down to earth. the way this whole launch was handled just scares the crap out of me as an engineer. and it's worse for the astronauts, who have the choice of (a) possibly never getting to fly in space vs. (b) flying in space in an aircraft that might explode into fiery bits.

how in hell did we fly umpty-frat shuttle missions without the insulation falling off? if we just need a whole new spacecraft, for gus grissom's sake spend the dang money and build one. if the country isn't up to that, then maybe the whole space flight industry needs to go private. lord knows if we'd left the airplane industry in the hands of the government, the planes would still have propellers and you would need two Ph.D's and be friends with a senator just to get a ride in one.
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