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glad for ya baby

Today I got some news concerning a real good friend that made me happy. I have been through so much shite with people, and especially with fake friends, fayreweather friends, pretender frienders, and other such lice that I feel good and a little Relieved that I still have a corner of my heart left to be glad for a true friend.

I was tempted to post a long list of what a friend Is and Is not, and Does and Does not do, but then I realized that the people who most need to read it would probably look the other way or not be paying attention at all, and the people who do read don't have to. So pointless.

Instead I will just say this:
YOU were almost always there for me, and the few times you weren't, you left me a note.
When I get paranoid or cynical or distrustful, YOU always remind me that you're my friend, and not to lose hope.
YOU always listened to me even when I was being a pain in the ass. When I needed to be told to shut up, YOU told me nicely to "just go away for a while" till I calmed down. And you really meant just "for a while", not "permanently".
YOU are kind, not only to me, but to other people in my presence. That inspires me!
YOU are firm when necessary.
YOU aren't afraid to reach out to me or others.
YOU make me laugh. YOU also laugh at My jokes!
YOU never disappeared or quit speaking to me or ignored me. And you still don't!!
YOU made time for me when I really needed it, on more than one occasion.
YOU undid a lot of the damage to me that was caused by a few other people who were bad friends.
All this is why, now, I am genuinely happy for YOU.
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