no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Serendiputy Dawg.

Today I told Jenn at class how, when taking the cat to the basement to be laundered, we found yet another dang mouse in the laundry sink, unable to climb out, peacefully eating DT Weidenbruch's spilled seedchow. I live in a Tom and Jerry 'toon. Jenn told me about her friend's hamster that got lost in the lawnmower bag and when finally recovered, was green for a month. Ham to match the Green Eggs! Hammy St. Patrick's Day!

I find it interesting when people who claim to be dead-flat-broke-unemployed-fending-off-bill-collectors still manage to have enuf money to go out to restaurants, bars, malls and generally par-tay. Almost as innarresting as 350-lb. morbidly obese folks boasting about what great eclairs they just whipped up. I recall that I have some of each of these people amongst my relations, so maybe that's why I find it so shudderixtious.

MmmmMMmmmm. Alter Eggos, w/ six different kinds of fruit n' maple sirop. Breakfast of champions!!

Bun wee!
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