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I have an old cat. He was a young stud of a cat when I got him, probably about four or five years old tops, with a mouthful of grotty snaggle teeth that we had removed, and a fairly sweet disposition especially when his teeth stopped hurting him. That was over 10 years ago, and now he is Old Man Kitty (number one super-guy). He sleeps a lot and meows at me almost non-stop the rest of the time. He was never particularly meowy till he got old, now he never shuts up. I don't get why all the meowing, or what he is trying to tell me or ask me. He doesn't seem to be in pain or anything, although cats hide that shit pretty well. He doesn't groom any more, I guess it is too much work. He doesn't pull out the claws on his feet like he used to and if I don't clip them, they grow right into his paw pads and cut him and I know that must hurt even though he hid that too and we only noticed last year after spotting him walking around rather gingerly. Today, like I did a few months ago, I have to spend an hour cutting nails and brushing and bathing this ol' cat and he is not going to like it and is probably going to bite me and draw blood like the last time. He is perfectly sweet the rest of the time though. I don't see any reason to be putting him to sleep or anything, he seems pretty happy and always wants to climb on my lap and get petted and purr, although often I am not in the mood because it is so damn warm and he is so damn sheddy from not grooming. He throws up his cat food a couple times a week after eating it too fast, but he has done that for the last ten years so I don't worry about it. When he was young he used to do nutty things like steal my McD's hash browns right out of my hand while i was eating them. It's odd to see cats get old and wizened and start doddering a bit. Someday that will be me.
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